Hotel Sants Metges *****, Emporda (Girona).

Background of the project: We had the privilege of working with an important art center and a five-star hotel located in the Empordá region of Girona. This luxury hotel with 16 rooms was built on an old Civil War fortress, giving it a unique charm and history.

Project objective: The objective of the project was to create an attractive and high-quality website that reflected the exclusivity and charm of the hotel. We also had to integrate a reservation system and a loyalty program for very exclusive clients, all following the client's briefing specifications.

Solution: To achieve the project objectives, we designed a website with a very clean and attractive format. We suggestively displayed all the services offered by the hotel and its art center, and developed a reservation system and a loyalty program for very exclusive clients. Additionally, we managed the work of photographers to capture the quality and charm of the hotel and thus achieve the best image of the project.

Project Result: We are very proud to have carried out such a complex and exclusive project and to have succeeded in reflecting its charm and history through our image and web design. We also integrated a CMS developed ad hoc in PHP and ad hoc so that the client can manage 100% of the web project.

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