Emma Roca



Branding + Web design / CMS

In memory of Emma Roca, we had the honor of working on several projects for her. Emma Roca was an elite athlete, a graduate in biochemistry and a professional firefighter in the Search and Rescue Group of the Government of Catalonia (GRAE).

For Emma, we designed and developed the logo of her own brand and we made the design, development and programming of her website. We worked with her to create a logo that reflected her adventurous spirit and her love for nature. As for the website, we made sure it was attractive and functional, reflecting Emma's personality and her dedication to excellence.

We used the latest technologies and programming techniques to create a website that was fast, secure, and easy to use. We made sure that the website was compatible with all devices and web browsers, allowing visitors to access the content at any time and from anywhere.

Throughout the project, we were inspired by her passion for the outdoors and her dedication to preserving the environment. It was an honor to have worked with Emma and her team, and we hope that her brand and website continue to inspire others to follow their dreams and achieve their goals, just as she did.

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