Mongolia Bike Challenge



Web design / CMS + eCommerce + Branding

The Mongolia Bike Challenge is a stage MTB race that has been held in Mongolia in the middle of the year since 2010. The organization seeks routes of great beauty combined with the hardness of MTB to create a unique event. We have designed a website that transmits both.

Web design, development, programming and CMS developed in pho ad hok for the client

PROJECT OBJECTIVES: Staffmedia was contracted to design and develop a new website for the Mongolia Bike Challenge, a MTB stage race in Mongolia. The goal was to convey the beauty and toughness of the event, while ensuring excellent usability for users.

SOLUTION: A modern and attractive website was developed, using the CMS created in PHP ad hoc to optimize content management. The design incorporates the brand's corporate constants, redesigned by Staffmedia. Special attention was paid to usability, placing all the information where users need it, which improves the user experience.

RESULT: The new Mongolia Bike Challenge website is a success in terms of on-page SEO, thanks to the use of suitable keywords and a correct content structure. Users can easily access all relevant event information, which has improved user satisfaction.

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