Dehesa Santa María



Restaurants Menu

The objective of the project carried out by Staffmedia was the design of a new menu for the Dehesa Santa María restaurant chain that would convey the Iberian essence of the brand and offer a clear content structure. The need to group the different existing inserts into a single element was identified to facilitate customer understanding and improve the restaurant experience.

To solve these challenges, the Staffmedia design team was commissioned to create a powerful emotional graphic to reinforce the brand's communication and improve its presence in restaurants. A clear content structure was chosen that would group the different inserts into a single letter, which facilitated understanding and the customer experience. A carefully selected color palette was used to convey the Iberian essence of the brand and a clear and legible typography was used to facilitate the reading of the contents.

The end result was a new, high-quality menu that conveyed the Iberian essence of the brand and improved the customer experience in the Dehesa Santa María restaurants. The powerful emotional graphics and carefully selected color palette helped reinforce the brand's communication and enhance its presence in restaurants. The clear content structure, grouping the different inserts into a single menu, allowed customers to better understand the different options and improve their dining experience in the restaurant.

In conclusion, the design of the new menu for Dehesa Santa María by Staffmedia managed not only to improve the gastronomic experience of customers, but also to improve brand communication and its presence in restaurants. With powerful emotional graphics, a carefully selected color palette and a clear content structure, Staffmedia managed to meet the project goals effectively.

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